Project and tech work

Project works:

Gathering customer’s requirements to the projected system, making the domain model, drafting of functional specifications and other design documents.
Note: The customer’s requirements are grouped in the following order:

  • business requirements
  • requirements to the visual range
  • content requirements
  • requirements for hardware and software platform
  • requirements to the level of support for the project
  • requirements for the promotion of a site on the Internet

The study of the competitors in the Internet.
Compilation of design concepts that will create a new site on the existing market.

The results: A consistent design concept with the customer.

Technical works:

Supporting documents: analytical instruments “Research competitors’ sites”, “concept design”, agreed and approved the terms of reference for the development of the site.

  • Setting (in special cases – revision) basic content management system for publishing information that bears a static character in accordance with the specification.
  • Development and tuning of interactive and dynamic services (e-catalog, store, search, news subscription, etc.) in accordance with the specification.
  • Development of software gateways to communicate with external information systems.
  • Accommodation developed software on the physical server, testing and commissioning of the site in operation.

The results: the transfer of the site “turn-key” working group for further customer content support.

Design, development and subsequent promotion of sites (SEO)

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