One of our core services – is SEO services (search engine optimization). With our SEO-specialists, your site will get maximum visibility in the search engines and as a result, attract maximum number of customers.

We develop your business.

Our SEO services consist of two phases:

Phase 1 — the internal optimization of your site. At this stage, we collect semantic core for promoting your website (list of keywords), analyze your competitors, analyze your site and make some changes to it to facilitate further search engine optimization in phase 2 and most effective growing of your site in search engines.

Phase 2 — Link Building. At this stage, we scan all inbound links to your site for consistency and fidelity placement. Additionally, we are starting to increase links weight for your website( to maximize the ranking of your site and to add the maximum weight in the eyes of the search engines to it). This should be done by the experts, as back-linking, made by an amateur, may start a fall in search engines positions or adding a sanctions by search engines to your site («black» optimization techniques (eg spam), incorrect anchor text for links, using of too many anchor text for links, the choice of inefficient platforms for links and many other important aspects).

With us, your site will get on the top position. Contact us now for a quotation.

Design, development and subsequent promotion of sites (SEO)

EuroMediaShack provides professional services to optimize and promote websites. Thus, we offer you two services: website development and promotion on the Internet. Website creation and promotion - is the specialty of our company, and we are always improving our techniques to provide you with the best results. If you order development of the site and its promotion with us, you will get professional and proven services to dozens of companies that will allow you to achieve your goals. Our task is to attract the maximum number of site visitors, and at the same time make sure that almost every visitor will become your customer. Tool for this task is the development of the site and its promotion.